Dear senior, let me take you on a road trip


Our colleagues from Best Press Story have shared with us their experience with an active senior. And when we say active, we mean a 93-year-old actor, who seems few decades younger, at least! We invite you to go on a journey with them and enjoy their amazing experience!

Dear senior, let me take you on a road trip

As LinkedAge promotes adventures for grandmothers and grandfathers, a famous Slovenian actor Demeter Bitenc who is 93-years old, agreed to join the three-day road trip discovering beauties and delicacies of Prekmurje, north-east Slovenian region. And it wasn't easy keeping up with him. No joke.

First, we drove up the hill to the over 300 year old vineyard cottage of Malek with a fascinating view of the vineyards in Jeruzalemske gorice. Warm welcoming and a glass of their wine made us feel special.

We also stopped to degustate sparkling wine in Gornja Radgona. »We ask special guests to honour us by unlocking our wine cellar doors«, said Tanja Skotnik from the Radgonske Gorice wine cellar and handed over the key to Mr Bitenc.

Wow, what an ice cream

After reading about Rajh Restaurant in Bakovci, we went there to see if known Slovenian ethnologist Janez Bogataj was right saying Rajh family contributes to "creative relationship between gastronomic heritage of Prekmurje and contemporary innovative search". A good example of this statement is the ice cream with a flavor of Prekmurje Layer Cake. Sounds impossible, but prof. Bogataj was right.
In Prekmurje, we also found another heavenly ice cream at Kocbek oil mill in Sveti Jurij ob Ščavnici. Ice cream with pumpkin oil of a very full taste, produced the way their grandfather was producing it and is used also in best New York restaurants.

Then, Mr Bitenc and I stopped in Livada hotel in Moravske Toplice to go putting – practicing golf strokes. 

The actor was really interested in their black geothermal water, which improves blood circulation and reduces nervous tension. He talked to Andrej Stare, head of the medical and wellness center, otherwise famous Slovenian sports commentator and a doctor. They talked about Mr Bitenc's problems with his shoulder. "Come, and I will prepare an individual program for you," Dr Stare offered.
The health offer got us interested, so we stopped in hotel Radin in Radenci, where Mr Bitenc got his heart checked with the latest digital 3D ultrasound device. And we met nutritionist Mojca Cepuš who took us to five-course lunch. Small and excellent dishes were a paradise for our taste buds and a feast for the eyes. 

The third day we visited the adventure park Vulkanija where they revived last volcano in Slovenia from three million years ago, and impressive tropical gardens called Ocean Orchids. And then we ‘jumped’ to Razkrižje municipality where actors show the life of the inhabitants of these places 5,500 years ago. We visited the Ivan spring where they found 21 energy sites that release blockages and restore normal energy flow in the body. 

It was time to go home, but not in a hurry. We went online and found Ribič Restaurant promising the best view to Drava river from their summer garden and "offering a menu that changes as the seasons change". Admiring the view, we exchanged impressions of our road trip.

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